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Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass Special Sunburst. Squier gives you the best of both bass worlds—Precision and Jazz—with the Vintage Modified Precision Bass PJ.

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Baker Music Online The bass with Vintage Style! Solid Agathis double cutaway body, Nato neck, Rosewood fingerboard and Pearloid pickguard. This 34” scale model has 22 frets, 4 chrome butterfly tuners, 1 humbucker pickup, and 2 volume, 1 tone controls for greater range and tones. Available in Transparent Red (TR) or Transparent Blue (TBl). Limited Lifetime Warranty. Electric Bass Guitar. Solid Agathis double.

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Yamaha RBX170 Bass Review Here's what Yamaha say about the RBX170 Bass Guitar Body: Agathis Neck: Bolt-on maple Fingerboard: Rosewood, 250mm (10') radius Frets: 24 Scale length: (864mm) 34' Pickups: Two single coils.

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Fender SQ Jaguar Special Bass CAR – Thomann België Electric Bass Body: Agathis, Neck: Maple, Fretboard: Indian Laurel, Neck shape: C, Scale: 762 mm (30' / short scale), Nut width: 38 mm, 20 Frets, Pickups: 1 J-Style.

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Short Scale Basses – Thomann UK Short Scale Basses at Europe's largest retailer of musical instruments - fast delivery, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 3-year Thomann warranty

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Fender Vintage Modified PJ Bass, Rosewood Fingerboard. Fender Vintage Modified PJ Bass, Rosewood Fingerboard, Agathis Body, Lake Placid Blue FInish

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RGX - Specs - Electric Guitars - Guitars & Basses. RGX121Z; General Specifications; General Construction: Bolt-on: Bolt-on: Bolt-on: Scale Length: 25-1/2' (648.0mm) 25-1/2' (648.0mm) 25-1/2' (648.0mm) Body Body Materials

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Vintage Modified Jaguar® Bass Special SS (Short Scale. Features. Short scale length (30”) Maple neck with “C”-shaped profile, black headstock and 20-fret Indian laurel fingerboard; Single-coil Jazz Bass bridge pickup, vintage-style split single-coil Precision Bass middle pickup

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21 Frets Electric Bass Neck for Jazz-bass JB Body Guitar. Find great deals for 21 Frets Electric Bass Neck for Jazz-bass JB Body Guitar Parts Maple Replacement. Shop with confidence on eBay!

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Schecter C-6 Plus EM – Thomann UK Thomann uses cookies to give you the best shopping experience. If you continue browsing, you agree to the

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